4.0 Trip: Antonia and Shavonna Visit NYC


Antonia (12th grade) and Shavonna (9th grade) are the first students in the history of the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation to earn the 4.0 Trip.  Their hard work paid off and they had a great time in NYC!

“This trip by far has been amazing!!!  We got to see and learn a lot about New York and its history.
Starting at the airport in Jacksonville: We were both nervous, hungry and tired considering it was 6:00 in the morning.  Going through the baggage check was hectic had about 5 items that weren’t allowed on the plane (and Shavonna had about 8 added Antonia).  Because of that we had to go check that bag out at baggage claim and re-enter security.  First getting on the plane we were both nervous because this was our first time riding a plane and Toni’s stomach was hurting.  Take-off was a little shaky but not too bad.  After the first 10 minutes we were good and asleep (Shavonna fell asleep on Antonia’s arm- it went numb).  The landing of the plan was rough because it was unexpected.  Once we arrived in NY we rode our first taxi to our hotel, the Grand Hyatt.  The hotel was very beautiful and filled with tennis decorations.  For the rest of the day we walked down Fifth Avenue and visited Times Square. That night we rode our first subway, which was very smelly.  We caught the subway to our first Broadway show,  Motown: The Musical.  The show was very entertaining and informative about music.  The next day we got an exclusive tour of the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open.  We watched Venus and Serena’s doubles match which they won.  Then on our way to Roger Federer’s match, we got drenched and had to leave.  Monday morning we met up with MaliVai for breakfast at Pax.  After breakfast we visited the 9/11 memorial building, then we rode a ferry to Staten Island and saw the Statue of Liberty.  Once we saw all of that, we visited the Empire State Building, which was 86 floors.  After that we went back to the hotel and chilled for about an hour then went to the airport where our flight was delayed. We hope we’ll be able to go on the trip again next year and hope that some of the other students will get a 4.0 so they can join us!”
-Shavonna and Antonia


One thought on “4.0 Trip: Antonia and Shavonna Visit NYC

  1. We are so proud of this wonderful accomplishment, and trust that this amazing trip will spur you on to think about even more experiences and possibilities in life.

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