The Road to a 4.0


My name is Tiah and I am currently in 6th grade.  My middle school is a math, science and technology school.  Last year, because of my high FCAT scores, I tested into advanced classes.  That means that I am above the standard 6th grade level.

We have finished the 3rd quarter and I have successfully maintained a 4.0 GPA.  This accomplishment has made me very proud of my academic performance.  The way I feel about my grades encourages me to finish out the year with a perfect GPA.  It would be a great accomplishment to finish my 6th grade year with all A’s.

Keeping up my GPA is very important to me.  All of my good grades help me ensure my seat in a good high school, then on to college.  But for now I’m going to focus on maintaining my 4.0 average for the remainder of the year.




One thought on “The Road to a 4.0

  1. Hi Tiah! It’s Mr. And Mrs. Dietz! We are proud of all your accomplishments and know you must feel so good about your efforts! We are hoping that you accomplish your goal of making the trip to NY! Please know we are always thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck! 🙋😍💌

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