Bernard: College Bound!


Bernard is a senior at Robert E. Lee High School. We are very proud of him & all he’s accomplished throughout his educational career. Read his story below:

“Coming to the program has helped me because It has made me realize how much of an asset college is. This program has put in my head at an early age that college is possible. TnT set a trail for me on how to be successful and that all I had to do was apply myself.

For college, I’m undecided on where I want to go. However, I do know that I want to major in Physical Therapy. Having already completed an internship with Brooks Rehabilitation, I realized that I am sure about this major. While in school I also plan to play collegiate basketball.

The activities I am currently involved in are yearbook staff, basketball, tennis, & 5,000 Role Models. 5,000 Role Models helped me to go to Washington, DC. In Washington I was 1 of 14 other people chosen out of the whole COUNTRY. This was a round table for us to talk about youth and police relations. It was a really great and unforgettable experience.

What I am most excited about for college is getting my degree and getting to know myself better as a young adult!”

-Bernard T.

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