Great partners make a greater impact!

The MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation partners with Take Stock in Children in providing our students with a 2-year community college scholarship & a mentor to encourage students in goal setting & college preparation.

Judy & Tequilla have been meeting almost every week for the last 3 years. Judy was introduced to MWYF prior to her involvement with TSIC. She joined our board and found out about the opportunity Tequilla had through Take Stock, so signed up to be her mentor!

We asked Judy what her favorite part about mentoring is and this is what she said:

“I look forward to seeing Tequilla each week, and hearing about all the details of her life. We talk about her progress in school, of course, and address how to tackle any problems she is having. But what I enjoy most is listening to her thoughts about her life – what interests her, what she’s passionate about, what path she’d like to take in life.”

Many of the staff at MWYF are mentors for Take Stock, meeting with mentees a few times a month, to talk about college preparedness & life.

Tequilla, now in 10th grade,  said that when she and Judy first started meeting, she just wanted to know how she was going to help keep her on track. Now, she is so thankful for the relationship they have. She says “My favorite part of meeting with Mrs. Judy is our relationship. She likes to talk about doing things outside of TnT with me, and she treats me kind of like a child of hers.”

We love that the mentor/mentee relationships fostered through the Take Stock program become ones that last. “While most adults begin mentoring to make a difference in the life young person, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has wondered if the benefit to me is even greater. I look forward to seeing Tequilla each week, celebrating her triumphs and sharing her challenges. I have a bond with her that I hope will last a lifetime. said Mrs. Judy.

We’re thankful for great partners that believe in our students and their potential. If you’d like to sign up for the Take Stock in Children mentoring program, click this link:


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