We Asked Our Students: “What Have You Learned from MWYF?”

MWYF’s programs are always growing and expanding to provide our students a broad base of support. One of the most valuable components of our program is life skills classes. These classes provide students with instruction on how to manage money, apply to college and for scholarships, anger management, and other real world skills. MWYF’s life skills classes help us guide our students through adolescence into adulthood. As we look to the future, which includes building the new Teen Center — we asked students to reflect on what MWYF has taught them so far.

Makenna (2).png

“TnT has taught me that there are hardships in life that you need to accept because it will get better. This is important to me because it tells me that there are some things in life that I may find unfair and disagree with, but I shouldn’t lose hope. It helps me as a student because I may not be happy or agree with something in school, but I can handle things in a positive way.”

Lashanta H. (1)

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far through MWYF, it’s that failure is ok. Failure is hard to avoid, but it’s evidence that you tried. MWYF has showed me this on so many occasions. Failure has helped me through tennis because when I was matched with a higher rated competitor, I didn’t just lose, but I learned a lesson—whether it was how to better my shots or how to avoid making the same mistakes.”


“One lesson I have learned from MWYF is life skills. Life skills classes have helped me a lot by teaching me skills that will take me through school, college, work, and the real world. Some of the things I’ve learned are why you shouldn’t use drugs, how to make a career plan, and how to resist conflict and stay out of trouble. The research papers we’ve written and activities I participated in helped me realize that I want to become an OBGYN.”

Jaakari (1)

“Attending MWYF has impacted me greatly. It helped me manage my attitude while giving me relief from school, and without it me and my peers may have chosen a different path. As a young man with anger problems, MWYF provided me with a support system and taught me how to control my attitude and effectively communicate with others. I hope by continuing to come to MWYF I can get rid of my attitude and anger issues for good.”

Amiya (1)

“I have been attending MWYF for 12 years now and I have learned many things throughout those years. The lesson that will stick with me forever is that having a negative attitude in any situation will cause me to lose a lot. I learned this during my first tennis matches because whenever I would lose a match I would be furious towards my opponent. As I got older, I realized I was only making myself look bad and worsening my circumstances. This instruction from MWYF showed me that, as a student, having a positive attitude can make the difference between having an amazing life and a nonsense one.”

You can help us impact more students’ lives by donating to our Teen Center!

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