Volunteer Appreciation Week

MWYF aims to provide each student with the individual support they need to succeed, both inside and outside the classroom. Reaching that goal would not be possible without the help of countless volunteers that dedicate their time to making a direct impact in our students’ lives. Below are just some of the ways volunteers give back.



Becoming a mentor to one of our students is one of the most direct ways volunteers can make an impact in the life of a student. This school year, over 40 mentors have met with our students once a week to help them with homework, provide them with a positive role model, and give them the extra support they need, whether personal or academic. Thank you, mentors, for being a positive force in our students’ lives!

Fun Friday

Stopping by our center, even just for an afternoon, always brightens our students’ day! Two-hundred and six volunteers have participated in Fun Friday with our students this school year playing kickball,  making arts & crafts, and reading books in book club. Our students work hard on their schoolwork all week, so every Friday it’s important that they have an opportunity to have some fun! Thank you to our Fun Friday volunteers for helping us give our students a fun end to the week.


Every year, we enter the holiday season with the goal of making sure students can enjoy the holidays no matter their economic circumstances.Volunteers make that goal a reality. This past Thanksgiving, volunteers packaged and delivered meals to 110 of our students’ families! Our Holiday Angels went above and beyond last Christmas, providing more than 1,000 presents to 250+ of our students and their siblings.

Career Day

At MWYF’s semi-annual career days, local professionals volunteer to spend an afternoon telling our students about how they got to where they are. At our Spring Career Day, 21 people from 17 companies helped our students learn more about potential educational and career paths. Thank you to everyone who has participated in a career day for showing our students the different possibilities open to hem if they continue to work hard!

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