What a Scholarship Means to Me

scholarship winners

Ashton (second from the left) and other scholarship recipients pictured at the 2013 Gala where they were acknowledged for their hard work.

During my time as a student in the TnT program, I was able to earn over $16,000 in scholarships. While I was applying for college, it was nice to know that this money was available to use for classes, books and other expenses.

I currently attend FSCJ and plan to transfer to UCF next year. I am currently majoring in biology but am thinking about switching my major to exercise science. After I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree I will apply to Physical Therapy school. I hope to have some scholarship money left because PT school is expensive!

I think all of the students in the program should apply for scholarships because it is a good opportunity to get money for school. It’s also a good opportunity for them to practice their interview skills which they will need later when they apply for jobs.

-Ashton Scott

The Road to a 4.0


My name is Tiah and I am currently in 6th grade.  My middle school is a math, science and technology school.  Last year, because of my high FCAT scores, I tested into advanced classes.  That means that I am above the standard 6th grade level.

We have finished the 3rd quarter and I have successfully maintained a 4.0 GPA.  This accomplishment has made me very proud of my academic performance.  The way I feel about my grades encourages me to finish out the year with a perfect GPA.  It would be a great accomplishment to finish my 6th grade year with all A’s.

Keeping up my GPA is very important to me.  All of my good grades help me ensure my seat in a good high school, then on to college.  But for now I’m going to focus on maintaining my 4.0 average for the remainder of the year.



4.0 Trip: Antonia and Shavonna Visit NYC


Antonia (12th grade) and Shavonna (9th grade) are the first students in the history of the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation to earn the 4.0 Trip.  Their hard work paid off and they had a great time in NYC!

“This trip by far has been amazing!!!  We got to see and learn a lot about New York and its history.
Starting at the airport in Jacksonville: We were both nervous, hungry and tired considering it was 6:00 in the morning.  Going through the baggage check was hectic had about 5 items that weren’t allowed on the plane (and Shavonna had about 8 added Antonia).  Because of that we had to go check that bag out at baggage claim and re-enter security.  First getting on the plane we were both nervous because this was our first time riding a plane and Toni’s stomach was hurting.  Take-off was a little shaky but not too bad.  After the first 10 minutes we were good and asleep (Shavonna fell asleep on Antonia’s arm- it went numb).  The landing of the plan was rough because it was unexpected.  Once we arrived in NY we rode our first taxi to our hotel, the Grand Hyatt.  The hotel was very beautiful and filled with tennis decorations.  For the rest of the day we walked down Fifth Avenue and visited Times Square. That night we rode our first subway, which was very smelly.  We caught the subway to our first Broadway show,  Motown: The Musical.  The show was very entertaining and informative about music.  The next day we got an exclusive tour of the Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open.  We watched Venus and Serena’s doubles match which they won.  Then on our way to Roger Federer’s match, we got drenched and had to leave.  Monday morning we met up with MaliVai for breakfast at Pax.  After breakfast we visited the 9/11 memorial building, then we rode a ferry to Staten Island and saw the Statue of Liberty.  Once we saw all of that, we visited the Empire State Building, which was 86 floors.  After that we went back to the hotel and chilled for about an hour then went to the airport where our flight was delayed. We hope we’ll be able to go on the trip again next year and hope that some of the other students will get a 4.0 so they can join us!”
-Shavonna and Antonia

Reflections from a MWYF Grad

Benzell, a recent graduate of Paxon School for Advanced Studies, has been part of the T-n-T program since 2004.  In his 10 years at the Foundation he has spent hours on the courts, made many friends and has served as a positive role model for younger students.  Here are his thoughts on his time at the Foundation and his next big adventure:


“In 3rd grade, I watched a presentation that would change my life.  My parents liked that the students in the program receive daily homework assistance, learn to play tennis, attend life skills classes and learn to be a leader;  I thought playing with my friends after school and getting snacks was a great deal!  Tennis wasn’t always a huge part of my life.  My early memories of the Foundation consist of tennis lessons on two crowded courts, always waiting in line for a chance to hit a few balls.   As I got older I leaned to love the game, mainly because my friends liked it more too, and began to focus on my development as a player.  Not only was I improving on the court, but I was also doing well in school and getting some good advice in my leadership classes.  My biggest accomplishment came in high school when I won the Student Athlete of the Year Scholarship (2011).  The opportunities that came about when I won this award expanded my network and I decided to apply for a military academy.  I’ve never really put all of my eggs in one basket, but I did with this and the outcome was unbelievable.  I only applied to two schools: West Point and the Naval Academy.  I was appointed to both and chose to attend the United States Military Academy (West Point).  As I get ready to leave for college (on July 1st) I think back on my time at the Foundation.  I have grown as both a player and student over the years.  I now have many leadership qualities and experience in dealing with difficult situations.  I know I’m ready for the challenges ahead of me and I can’t wait to come back with stories for my friends at the Foundation.  Thank you for your support and thanks to Mal for the wonderful opportunities.”

Andre Agassi is our Featured Guest at Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Gala!

Whenever the fall season begins to roll in, we get VERY excited around here because that means that the Gala is just around the corner! This year, we’re changing things up a bit and hosting the 17th Annual Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Gala during the month of October! What makes this year special from all other previous galas? Special guest and Olympic Gold Medalist will be attending our Gala Dinner, helping us celebrate Champions for Children! On Thursday, October 17th the Gala Dinner will be held at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort & Spa in the Champions Ballroom. During dinner, you’ll hear how easy it is to become a champion for children and how your support and volunteerism helps to create better lives for our youth. The Gala Dinner is complete with Silent & Live Auctions as well as special awards presentations to our students for their hard work. A Tennis Pro-Am featuring local tennis pros will be held on Friday, October 18th at San Jose Country Club. All proceeds from the Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Gala goes directly to the programs of the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation.

You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity to attend our Gala event and meet one of the world’s top tennis players! For tickets and sponsorship information, please call 904.359.5437 or visit www.malwashington.com.  VIP Reception & Photo Opportunity tickets are available but in limited supply!



MWKF Announces New Name & Logo!

Last month, we announced our NEW Name & Logo and it appears that everyone loves it so far! The new name & logo is part of a comprehensive rebranding effort which places more emphasis on academic and personal success.

This is what Mal had to say about the change:

“When we first started this organization, we only provided tennis programs to elementary aged youth”, said MWYF Founder, MaliVai Washington.  “Our new name and logo identifies the fact that, although tennis will always be a part of our programs, we now place more emphasis on learning and success in life.   We also serve youth from kindergarten through young adult program alumni who are now students in college.  We hope the change will portray our mission more effectively especially to those who may not be aware of what we do,” commented, MaliVai Washington.

 We posted the logo to Facebook and Twitter and we’re happy to say that both our name and logo change were well received by our supporters! They LOVE it and so do we! One of the best things about a new logo, is new t-shirts!

What do YOU think?

MWYF Color Stacked


Send a Kid to Camp!

Meet Rajhenae. She’s a first grader here at our Tennis-n-Tutoring afterschool program. Before she attended TnT, she was a camper at Camp Dynamite, our full service summer day camp. Last summer, Rajhenae had the opportunity to visit the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, learn to tie-dye and to make new friends. Today, many of these friends are the same friends Rajhenae sees everyday here at TnT.

Camp Dynamite is not just a summer camp for our youth. For students like Rajhenae, it opens doors, introducing them to our programs and giving them a fun, educational alternative to sitting at home, like so many do.

               You can open doors for students like Rajhenae. For just $75, you can provide a week of camp for a student. For $375, you can provide one student the experience of enjoying Camp Dynamite for the whole summer. That’s five weeks of non-stop fun and learning!

                          If you commit to sending a child to camp before May 8th, you can increase your impact on our programs (and potentially win $5,000 for yourself) by participating in THE PLAYERS Birdies for Charity contest. Commit and we’ll send you more details.

Click here to Send  a Kid to Camp!





We’re so proud we’re blushing!

We were named a Merit Finalist for this year’s Mutual of America Foundation’s Community Partnership Award. We are one of ten organizations in the country to be recognized for our community partnerships!

Mutual of America sponsored a “hometown luncheon” to celebrate and recognize the many partner organizations and individuals that have made TnT a success. A HUGE thank you to our community partners: the City of Jacksonville, Communities in Schools,  the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, John E. Ford K-8 School, Take Stock in Children, USTA Florida and USTA National Junior Tennis & Learning.

Another HUGE thank you to the many individuals who have worked our behalf: Leon Baxton, Luther & Blanche Coggin, Michael DuBow, Pat Hogan, Sheriff John Rutherford and Sherry Murray. Their efforts— whether fundraising, volunteering, advocating for our organization or working to keep the neighborhood we serve safe—make us who we are today.



Servathon- Serving the Jacksonville Community One Project at a Time!


Ser-vice: an act of helpful activity; help; aid.

Serv-a-thon: TnT’s month of service staring MLK Day-President’s Day.

DSC08783Our students tackled this year’s Servathon with enthusiasm. Students in every grade level completed service projects to help the Jacksonville community. Even our kindergartners got in on the action! Check out the activities we participated in below:

  • Kindergarten-2nd grade created Valentine’s for residents at a local Nursing home as well as deployed soldiers in Afghanistant
  • 3rd-4th grade beautified our center , Emmett Reed Park and John E. Ford Elementary K-8 School
  • 6th grade helped prepare food & serve the hungry at the City Rescue Mission
  • Middle & high school students read and played with disabled youth at DLC Nurse & Learn Center
  • 5th Grade  spent time with the elderly playing games and doing puzzles at Cathedral Terrace
  • Our entire organization, including a few supporters, collected toiletries, games and snack items for soldiers deployed overseas

Each year, we try to incorporate different activities in our Servathon. If you have any ideas about any activities or collection drives we should participate in, please contact Community Relations Manager, Ashley Strickland at Ashley@malwashington.com. For more photos from Servathon, visit our Facebook page!




Are You Ready For Some Football?!

This summer you can support the Jacksonville Jaguars and the MaliVai Washington Kids Foundation through the Nonprofit Center’s Give & Go Campaign! Click on the Give & Go badge and purchase your DISCOUNTED Jaguars tickets! You can be in the center of it all when the Jaguars start their new football season off with a new owner, head coach and draft picks! There’s no better way to enjoy the game and support your favorite charity than through this amazing deal!   

   For every ticket you purchase, $20 will be donated to our annual Back to School Drive!  Your support will enable our students to have a great start to the new school year with all of the much needed school supplies.