Mentoring at MaliVai – Nick & Troy

Troy and Nick

The mentoring program at MaliVai Washington provides so many opportunities for our students to  gain insight & knowledge about life experiences from their mentor while building positive relationships. This program gives our students the opportunity to receive one-on-one homework assistance and to have someone dedicated to helping them succeed as an individual.

We take time in matching each mentee with their mentor & we are continually encouraged when we hear of stories about positive life change happening in our students and volunteers!

Below is Nick & Troy’s story about their experience through the mentor program. We hope you are as inspired & encouraged as we were after hearing their story:

(These direct quotes have been taken from a recent essay Troy wrote about his greatest role model and an interview with his mentor, Nick)

“Mr. Nick is my mentor. He has been my mentor for three years. He is where I want to be when I grow up.” – Troy (6th grade)

Nick Smith, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy was matched with one of our students, Troy, through our mentoring program when Troy was in the 4th grade. Three years later, Nick and Troy (now in 6th grade) still meet at the center for about an hour to talk about homework, work, school and life.

“My mentor serves in the Navy and I want to serve in the military. Sometimes when I see him in his uniform I imagine myself dressed the same way he is.” – Troy (6th grade)

Often times, Nick comes to the center after work, still dressed in his uniform. Obvious questions arose about what he does and what his work entails. The discipline, dedication, & commitment taught in the Navy are lessons easily transferable to the importance of having those qualities when it comes to school work. The relationship built between them has become one that inspires Troy on the journey towards his future!

“Recently, Troy has begun considering a future in the U.S. Navy. The possibility that I might walk with him on a journey to serve his country is, without question, my favorite part about mentoring.” – Nick Smith

At the center everyone knows when they see Nick, he’s here to hang with Troy!

“Most of my day is spent being called Lieutenant Smith or Nick. At MWYF I am ‘Troy’s mentor’ and I couldn’t be more happy about it.” -Nick Smith

The commitment Nick has to Troy has trickled outside of the center and has led to building a relationship with Troy’s family! We love how their relationship has developed over the last few years  and hope it continues to grow as Troy moves on to the 7th grade and beyond. We’re thankful for all that Nick has done & continues to do in developing such strong commitment to Troy’s success. We’re also excited to watch Troy learn, grow, and become all he was meant to be!

“I thank him everyday. I thank him for going out of his way to be the best mentor anyone can have!” -Troy (6th grade)

Nick & Troy

Servathon is Here!

We started our annual Servathon celebration on January 23rd and we are enjoying EVERY minute of it!  During Servathon,  all of our students and staff take time to give back to the community in a variety of service projects. Take a look at some of the activities we’ve already done and what we plan to do soon!

January 23rd-February 17th– Our entire organization will collect Pennies for Patients as part of a fundraiser for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

January 25th– A group of  our 5th grade students helped sort and package food for the homeless at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

January 27th– Middle and high school students read to a group of Kindergarteners enrolled in St. Stephen’s Child Care & Learning Center.

January 30th- Middle and high school students prepared food for the homeless at the Sulzbacher Center.

February 6th– Kindergarten – 2nd grade students to make Valentine’s Day Cards for Mt. Hermon’s Exceptional Student Center.

February 8th– 4th grade students will volunteer at the City Rescue Mission sorting donated items for the homeless.

February 10th– 3rd & 4th Grade students will participate in a park beautification activity at the Emmett Reed Park.

February 17th– 2nd & 3rd Grade students will start a pen pal relationship with students in Accra, Ghana of the Ayalolo Cluster of Schools.

February 17th– Kindergarten, 1st & 5th grade students will write letters to Wounded Warriors.

February 22nd– 4th grade students will start a pen pal relationship with students in Accra, Ghana of the Ayalolo Cluster of Schools.

Sulzbacher Center for Homeless


Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Golf & Tennis Gala Features Amazing Live Auction Items

The Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America Golf & Tennis Gala represents MWKF’s largest fundraising event of the year!  The two-day event is expected to be even larger as we continue the year-long celebration of our 15 Year Anniversary.

Take a look at some of our unique Live Auction items, including private tennis lessons with tennis legend Andre Agassi and his wife Stefanie (Steffi) Graf in sunny Las Vegas! Think that’s interesting? Check out our other Live Auction items here!

Special Thanks to our Live Auction Sponsor, Resonate Global!